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Exhibited in:
Pieces of the Past
Paul Whitney Larsen Gallery
University of Minnesota
April 2014

I gather images and stories of unworn wedding dresses offered for sale on Craigslist and other online second-hand sites.

Culturally, the wedding dress signifies the embodiment of romantic fulfillment, but not all dresses fulfill their prearranged purpose. In researching such discarded articles, there appears to be unrequited emotion accompanying the swathes of fabric wilting off hangers. The emotions or circumstances that lead to the sale of the dress seem imbued in the staging of their presentation. Thus, I have chosen to title each dress drawing by utilizing verbiage found in their for sale advertisement.

I created these drawing in a solidarity to the bride-to-be's experience, as well as to give the unworn dresses a platform for a renewed purpose.

Because I got pregnant.
Charcoal and Pastel on Paper
32" x 24"
Pieces of the Past
Larsen Gallery
University of Minnesota